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Are Home Inspections Really Necessary for Real Estate Investors?

 One thing that I have found time and time again is that investors underestimate what it is going to cost to flip a property until they gain experience. Spending a couple hundred dollars on a property inspection can save you thousands down the road in some instances. Home inspectors cannot give repair estimates, but they can give you a list of the defects in the home. They are trained to find problems that may not be obvious to the untrained eye. A home inspection is to determine the condition of the major systems, and the safety and habitability of the home.



A rental inspection is an integral part of the tenant turnover process for a rental unit. Unfortunately many landlords skip this important process all together. Having your rental unit professionally inspected and documented before pre-move in is a key ingredient for making sure that you and your tenant know the property’s condition, prior to move-in.



Whether moving out for the first time or relocating to a new rental home, conducting an inspection of the premises represents a necessary process. Beyond checking to make sure the rental house meets your standards, a thorough inspection provides a reference point should any problems or damage occur. Before paying a deposit or signing a lease for a rental property, be sure to conduct an inspection to protect you and your family.

 You have 2 options, be your own inspector and do it yourself or hire Home Pride Home Inspection Services LLC to conduct your rental inspection.



 If you opt to go it alone, here’s what you should know about completing your rental inspection:

Before your walk-through:

You should take the time to prepare a checklist that would include the obvious, such as; the flooring, walls and window coverings for damage. Add checking doors, locks, window screens and lighting fixtures to your checklist. Include checking appliances, smoke detectors and plumbing to make sure all is in working condition.


Your walk-through:

Conduct your inspection room-by-room including the bedrooms, bathrooms, living area and kitchen. Review your checklist as you go and make detailed notes of any problems found, include everything, no matter how small, as this is your chance to point out any defects or problems before signing a lease and handing over a security deposit.

 Inspect the outside. Check the patio or deck for any loose boards. Inspect stairways and walkways for damage or debris. Ensure the outside lighting works and ask about maintenance procedures for outside areas.

 Conduct the inspection with the landlord present. Ask the landlord to sign off on your findings. Ask any additional questions as they pertain to the rental, such as how utilities are handled. Inquire about possible pet restrictions.

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