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Don’t Get Scammed!

Some companies offer mold testing on the cheap or even free and then conveniently offer their own remediation services to fix the problem. This is a clear conflict-of interest, with the result that the problem is not often remediated – if it exists at all. The consumer may be paying thousands of dollars for bloated repair estimates or an improper and ineffective remediation. An independent assessment from Home Pride Home Inspection Services LLC can save homeowners thousands!

 An independent certified assessment/sampling company, like Home Pride Home Inspection Services LLC, does not conduct remediation work, and therefore, offers consumers an unbiased opinion about any contamination present in your home or building. If asked, Home Pride Home Inspection Services LLC will offer recommendations of reliable remediation companies.


 Excess Moisture is the Primary Cause

Mold (fungi) is present everywhere, indoors and outdoors. There are more than 100,00 species of mold, at least 1,000 of which are common in America. The most commonly found species are Cladosporium, Penicillium and Aspergillus. Since mold requires a food source (building materials like wood or drywall cellulose) and water or moisture in order to grow, mold can grow anywhere where there is high humidity, dampness, or water damage. By eliminating the source of moisture (water leaks, excess humidity, condensation) you can stop mold from growing in your home or building. Preventative maintenance is always the key for a healthy indoor environment.


Thorough Inspections Help Identify Moisture Intrusion Problems

While conducting a mold inspection is out of the standards of practice for New Jersey home inspectors, a good inspector will examine the property for any signs of moisture intrusion issues. Any suspected mold issues (observed or potential) should be clearly stated in the inspection report. Our inspectors are trained to identify moisture-related problems. These problems, if any, are presented in a manner that helps our clients keep things in perspective, yet realize the potential risks of not correcting moisture intrusion issues. In many cases, homeowners can safely clean mold from the building surfaces on their own and make simple repairs to prevent further moisture intrusion. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says; “if mold is less than about 10 square feet (roughly a 3 foot by 3 foot area), you can handle the job yourself.” Remember, it is important to eliminate the cause of mold rather than simply clean or mask the problem.


When is a Specialist Needed?

While mold is an important issue and may be a health concern for certain individuals, it can often be corrected. When signs of extensive mold fungi or water damage are found, a professional company should be consulted for proper remediation. If a homeowner or potential homeowner has specific health-related concerns, mold assessment/sampling can be conducted to determine the types of mold spores present. The EPA has guidelines for cleaning mold and recommended suggestions about how to prevent mold related issues. For more information about mold, please visit the EPA website.


Our “No Conflict of Interest” Policy

 There is a very big distinction between environmental testing companies; some like Home Pride Home Inspection Services LLC, are solely testing companies, and others are one-stop shops that do both testing and remediation.

 What’s the difference? An independent, certified testing service that does not do remediation will offer you an unbiased opinion of the present conditions and make recommendations to correct the problem. We are strictly limited to environmental testing and consulting to assure you of an accurate and unbiased assessment.

 Home Pride Home Inspection Services LLC has been a trusted environmental testing company. Our pledge is to do right by our customers, and make sure you have all the information to make an informed decision.

 We’re working hard to be your expert – give us 5% of your trust and we will earn the other 95%.


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